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Hidden Messeges In Justin Timbalake Supplies Video

Justin Timberlake dropped his “Supplies” music video on Thursday morning.

The song, produced by Pharrell Williams (who also appears in the video), is the second track to be released off of Timberlake’s upcoming album, Man of the Woods, which is set to drop on Feb. 2. After releasing the post-apocalyptic visual starring Eiza González on Thursday, fans began to pick up on the hidden messages throughout the video.

The 36-year-old singer appears to be referencing the #MeToo movement as well as protests against the government in the video and Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and President Donald Trump all make appearances.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism and hidden messages in the “Supplies” music video:

Donald Trump:

Right at the beginning of the music video, Timberlake can be seen sitting in a chair in front of multiple TV screens. When the camera shows what Timberlake is watching on all of the TVs, Trump can be seen on one screen, surrounded by what appears to be protests occurring on other TV screens with people holding signs that say “STOP GOV’T CRIMES” and “WE CAN’T BREATHE” and the words “END RACISM NOW” over a picture of Trump.

Later, we see a woman wearing a shirt that reads, “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE” on a TV screen by Trump.

About two minutes into the video, Trump’s “grab them by the p—y” line from the now-infamous leaked Access Hollywood tape, is referenced when a woman is shown wearing a T-shirt that says “P—Y GRABS BACK.” The woman then lifts up a car that Timberlake is sitting on.

Harvey Weinstein:

Weinstein, who has been accused of sexual misconduct, can be seen on another TV screen for a brief moment, before the TV changes to a sign that reads #MeToo.

Kevin Spacey:

Spacey, who is reportedly being investigated for a third alleged sexual assault in London, appears on another TV screen at :26 seconds into the music video.

What hidden messages did you find in the music video? Sound off in the comments!

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