American rapper, Jay -Z, is now the richest Hip Hop artist on Forbes‘ Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists list. While the names on the list are not much different from that of last year’s,  Diddy has been overtaken by Hov, who is now worth a whopping sum of $900 million.

Diddy, whose net worth is now $825 million, is not too far behind Blue Ivy’s daddy. In fact, Diddy’s net worth increased by $5 million which is probably a result of his ventures in cable television and vodka brands.

Jay-Z’s rise to the top of the list can also be attributed to the growing popularity of his D’Usse cognac and Armand de Brignac champagne. His nine-figure cut from Tidal and Roc Nation is definitely not hurting his account.

Dr. Dre, whose net worth has increased from  $740 million to $770 million, comes in at the number three spot.  Eminem and Drake, who are tied at the fourth and the fifth spot, both worth $100 million.