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Omawumi ft Kiss Daniel Me Ke Audio + Lyrics

Nigerian Vocal Queen Omawumi is has broken her long time music silence with a new track Me Ke .

Omawumi in the track featured Flyboi boss Kiss Daniel.

The comeback track highlighted  her criticism embellished in a Fela styeld Afro beat.

Omawum in also showed her unique vocal prowess, not just in the way she frequently pitched but she beatified her track with some elements of minor notes.

Kiss Daniel on the other hand showed us how ready he is to lead Flyboi with a new style of singing. However, he was sounding more like 2Baba.


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Omawumi Me Ke Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Omawumi]

I see you wondering dey look at me like say I don dey craze “me keh oh”

Omo forget I just dey do my own I no dey look face “me keh oh”

Some people say she no dey reign again, same people go change their mouth again

The funny thing be say my level now is on another place “me keh oh”

[Bridge – Omawumi]

Now I’m stirring down the scrapper

Looking down on all the haters

Papa felicia, I’m not your mate

[Chorus – Omawumi]

Tamgba ko se (Me Keh oh)X4

 [Verse 2 – Kiss Daniel]

I hear you’ve been talking my matter

You wey no love me no matter

Never make me run faster than time

Baba, I dey loyal

See I don

Started from the street but the street never control me

Give dem all the hit, but still never do me

No mind me I’m sorry

Mama never thought me

How to be lazy

Now I’m standing on my own

Looking out for all this m–o’s

Gba!!!.. “oh oh oh”

I’m not your mate “mate, mate , mate”

[Chorus – Omawumi]

Tamgba ko se (Me Keh oh)X4

[Verse 3 – Omawumi & Kiss Daniel]

Basically, speaking I’m the one to talk and miss

But if I quiet too much you go say my tongue dey miss

My only competition is myself I swear to god

I love to love

But if you shoot na me go stop

Yeye yeye

You see,

Bad man dey kill oh

Everywhere I go dey put the music repeat oh

No be lie

I’m doing good my brother

 [Bridge – Omawumi]

Now I’m stirring down the crapper

Looking down on all the haters

Papa felicia, I’m not your mate

[Chorus – Kiss Daniel]

Tamgba ko se (Me Keh oh)X4

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